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About Algolia

Algolia enables developers to build next generation apps with composable APIs, delivering relevant content in milliseconds.

The Algolia integration comes out of the box with all Shogun Frontend stores. By integrating Algolia within Shogun Frontend's ecosystem, any CMS Content Group is searchable.

Algolia features

Create leading eCommerce UX

  • Give consumers seamless access to your product catalog via AI-powered search, discovery and recommendations, while increasing your online revenue.

  • Algolia comes with a set of AI algorithms and ecommerce search tools to optimize every part of the experience, from automatically boosting the most performing results to suggesting relevant synonyms to personalization.

  • Break content and product data silos

  • Power true personalized, omnichannel experiences

  • Front-end flexibility, for optimal UX

  • Centralized and intuitive merchandising

Algolia screenshots

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