On-site CRO for ecommerce and lead capture.

About Justuno

Justuno is a conversion platform for intelligent lead capture, recommendations and personalized messaging. Justuno merchants, on average, see a 135% lift in revenue in the first year of using our solution. We support brands like Pura Vida, UNTUCKit, Volcom, and more and integrate with more than 95 other top e-commerce technologies. Justuno is also a Shopify Plus Certified app and a Shopify partner since 2017.

Justuno features

  • Mobile-Specific Promotions: Create mobile-first promotions and leverage unobtrusive messaging to harness the power of the mobile generation and drive conversions.

  • Geo-Targeting: Add a touch of home to every visitor’s experience. Capitalize on local marketing efforts and reinforce local loyalty by delivering unified geo-targeted messages across marketing channels.

  • Ecommerce Integrations: Integrate with the top e-commerce platforms in a single click. When your business graduates to the next platform level, we’ll be there for you.

  • Design Canvas: A design studio with intuitive features to bring your brand to life through elegant and manicured promotions.

  • Analytics: The rise of Big Data has put an unprecedented amount of pressure on marketers; It’s survival of the fittest. The biggest challenge? The lack of data completeness and quality.

  • A/B Testing: A/B Test content and design variations to find the version that resonates best with visitors and continually optimize your site’s experience with data-backed decisions.

  • Omni-Channel Messaging: From Facebook Messenger and SMS updates to pop-ups and push notifications — deliver targeted messaging with a consistent and unified brand voice to create one-to-one relationships with every visitor on your site.

  • Audience Segmentation: Intelligent audience segmentation helps you divide your visitors into sub-groups to deliver personal, relevant messaging that drives sales.

  • Advanced Behavioral Targeting: Laser-focused targeting rules make it easy to segment your audience by behavioral patterns and serve every visitor personalized messaging.

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