Data-driven loyalty and engagement platform powering ecommerce growth.

About LoyaltyLion

LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform, helping fast-growth ecommerce merchants power longer-lasting relationships and sustainable growth. Our unique combination of best-in-class technology and dedicated loyalty expertise helps thousands of Marketers drive more revenue from highly-engaged, highly-valuable customers.

LoyaltyLion features

Use loyalty points and rewards to encourage repeat purchases and spend

  • Award customers with points for both on-site and off-site activities, such as account creation, social media engagement, purchases, leaving a review or custom activities (e.g. package recycling)
  • Customers can redeem points to unlock rewards including discounted/free shipping, percentage or money off vouchers, early access to sales, free products or custom rewards (e.g. charitable donations)

Create meaningful customer interactions

  • Engage with customers between purchases with personalized loyalty emails, such as points balance statements and reward available reminders
  • Use loyalty data to segment customers and win back those who are at-risk
  • Encourage program engagement and grow lifetime value by using loyalty tiers to offer exclusive rewards, perks and experiences

Turn existing customers into brand advocates

  • Drive more cost-effective customer acquisition by incentivizing loyal customers to leave reviews and refer friends and family

Offer customers an on-brand loyalty experience

  • Embed and customize your program with integrated loyalty program page functionality

Continually optimize your loyalty program

  • A/B test and optimize individual elements of your program with LoyaltyLion Campaigns and Recommendations

LoyaltyLion screenshots

Push your storefront further.

Deliver sub-second load times to all of your customers on any device, anywhere.

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